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Avail value for money products Grand Water Purifiers, Elite Domestic RO System, Industrial RO System, Water ATM Vending Machine, etc..

Sarah Aquasoft is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of various R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) systems. Our broad array of residential, commercial and industrial RO systems in addition to water vending devices, mobile water ATMs and other products. Our collection includes Commercial RO System, Mineral RO Water Plant, Water Cooler Cum Purifiers, RO Dispenser, etc. We are also active as a service provider for RO Repairing Services. 

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to create plants with capacities ranging from 50 to 20,000 litres per hour (lph). The corporation was established in 2001, and Rajouri Garden in New Delhi serves as its registered office. At the moment, our network consists of 115 distributors and service centres, located in 300 different places across seven states. We anticipate having 300 distributors and 600 service locations by the end of DEC 2020.

Since we are conscious of the needs of our cherished customers, we are constantly working to better ourselves in order to meet their needs. Our R&D department is crucial to this. Our water purifier range incorporates a number of top-tier water purifying technologies to suit the 17 different water conditions that can arise in India. Under the direction of our mentor, Mr. Pramod Bajaj, we have effectively made a name for ourselves in the marketplace. He had the expertise and vision that allowed us to act quickly and wisely.
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About Directors

Our managing director, Mr. Promod Bajaj, is extremely passionate about providing everyone with access to clean drinking water. His objective is to provide a solution to problems regarding water. To fulfil his idea, he is investing a lot of time or energy into his task. 

Our Infrastructure 

We have a sizable, modern infrastructure that is set up and licenced to manufacture several types of industrial and home RO water purifiers such as Mineral RO Water Plant, Commercial RO System, RO Dispenser, etc. Thanks to our dependable and powerful production machinery, we are able to meet customer demands and provide fully and appropriately handled water treatment systems. Additionally, our machine is frequently and randomly tested on general parameters in order to guarantee flawless product development. In our manufacturing facility, we employ the following machinery:

  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Assembling
  • Finishing

Our Team

To achieve the goals, our highly skilled team of professionals gave their complete set of abilities. For the efficient completion of diverse tasks, the team has been separated into distinct operational complements. The department for our team is selected while taking into account the specific job skills of each member. They are also given general training to stay up with changing industry standards.

  • Facilities for internal and comprehensive system manufacturing.
  • The ability to produce more than 15,000 units each year.
  • Substantial experience in membrane technology spanning more than 18 years.
  • Modern tools are used by an experienced engineering, technical, and water treatment team to ensure the highest standards of quality.
  • Employees who are dedicated to after-sales service and product research and development.

The sales and marketing department has a significant role in promoting an organization activities and mission. Through the planning and production of the materials that represent our company, it serves as its public face. The sales and marketing division is in charge of reaching out to potential customers, consumers, investors, and/or members of the community. They must also create a cohesive brand image that favorably represents your company.

  • Development of market research and strategies team.
  • Creating promotional and marketing content.
  • Digital Marketing Reach & Promotion PAN India.
  • Team for Business Development.
  • Support for advertising for each distributor, dealer, and channel partner.
  • Marketing and sales staff with experience and qualifications.
  • PR, digital marketing, print and visual media, as well as video and newspaper ads. media exposure.
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